The Perfect Indoor Training & Zwift Essentials Setup Guide

The Perfect Indoor Training & Zwift Essentials Setup Guide

Zwift is the perfect tool for training when you're short on time or just a fair-weathered rider. There are ways to make indoor riding, whether it's with Zwift or not.

  1. A Fan.

    The problem with a static training bike, is the fact you're static. There's no airflow and not much in the way of movement happening. It doesnt take long before you're hot, sweaty and on the brink of overheating.

    A fan solves this problem with ease, creating the desired airflow.
    We recommend an adjustable power fan, and not a revolving fan (you want the fan to be consistently head-on) - which will spend 80% of it's time not facing in your direction.

  2. A Phone Holder

    Having somewhere to mount your phone is essential for most indoor riders. Zwift has it's Companion app, and most other training tools are mobile based, or can be used on a mobile screen - such as videos.

    One solution is a Garmin case, although these can be expensive and difficult to find if you're not using the latest iPhone devices. Try our stick-on Garmin compatible pads, for a universal solution.

    Another mounting option is within a sweat catcher, which provides something of a 'control panel' for you to have remote controls, and a clear window for your phone.

  3. A Wheel Riser

    Riser blocks
    can help improve the fatigue on your back and shoulders from being in a downward position. It's often overlooked as essential, but it can really harm your training if you don't use one.

  4. Sweat Catcher (AKA Thong!)

    As mentioned, often these come with a few pockets to hide away your gadgets and remote controls, but in their own right they are an essential piece of kit. 

    As you perspire, your bodily fluids make their way to the frame and components and bike. The natural salts corrode paint, rust metals, and can even affect the glues used in some types of carbon fibre. 

    There have been several documented cases of shops peeling away bar tape to reveal a mound of salts, rust, and metal bars which are close to failure. All of which can be avoided with a good sweat guard.

  5. Sweat Band

    In a similar vein, sweatbands can also prevent corrosion, but they also aid in reducing the amount of salty fluid that comes into contact with your eyes and mouth. Probably one of the top must-have items.

    Our sweatbands are low profile and channel the sweat away from your face, whilst still allowing air from a fan to reach and cool you down.

  6. A Rocker Plate

    These are excellent devices, but official versions aren't cheap. 
    They're essentially a riser for your turbo and bike with built-in dampers.
    The dampers allow you to move about on the bike, and prevent the usually rigid form of a turbo trainer as you pedal, reducing the bottom pain caused by the static saddle and positioning. After all, when riding in real-world conditions, you're unlikely to encounter no corners, and not need to move in some way.


Bottles with built-in water spray feature.
These are a relatively new item, and we've got some in stock! 
We think they're perfect for helping you cool off when you combine them with a low-profile sweatband, and a fan. 

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